We like to define Mechatronics for our customers.

Mechatronics is a science that studies how to combine two disciplines, more exactly mechanics and electronics, in order to considerably simplify human labour.

This is the spirit that sums up the way we operate, characterized by the integration of pneumatics and mechanics with electro-mechanics and electronics.

This is the premise that allows us to develop efficient systems that meet the need for reliability, performance and costs required by our partners.

Each request is thoroughly analyzed by our designers, the specifications are collected and our suggestions are put forward. When the feasibility study is approved by the customer we can begin the planning phase, the design of the control system and the start-up of the movement mechanical parts.

It is due to an open-mindedness focused on optimization of the control system that we can improve plant performance, thus overcoming the limitations of traditional design, resulting in full customer satisfaction.

Therefore, Siel deals with providing all services to companies so that price competitive, execution innovating and environmentally friendly goods can be produced.

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