This line serves to obtain plastic films of 2 or more layers by means of a coupling process.
The manufacturing process consists in coupling the films taken from two unwinding areas into a single glued film, pressed in a calendar system and rewound in coils. The system for coil change performed automatically without the need to stop the machine is an element of greatest interest.
The plant can be divided into four areas:

  • Film load area: it consists of 2 unwinding areas with automatic control of the reel change (positioned on a rotating star bracket). The following elements are present in each area: a motor for rotating of the star, a motor for rotating the reel to be loaded, a motor for braking of the coil in production, a system of dancers to maintain the correct traction tension in production and during the stage of reel change, a group of centring and a group of film cutting controlled by solenoid valves and pneumatic cylinders and finally a control panel to allow manual handling of the area.
  • Treatment area: area where a layer of glue is deposited on the supporting film, a drying treatment of the adhesive is carried out, heating in furnace and electrostatic treatment take place.
  • Coupling: the two films are brought into contact and glued together by means of a calandre system. The temperature is controlled by means of a diathermic oil system of calanders.
  • Winding area: there is a star-shaped support and a system of dancers to control the reel change , traction is performed by two motors, the right level of traction is detected by a load cell system.

The plant is completed with a hoist for loading and unloading reels, 5 fans for cooling motors and furnaces, a pulpit for line control.