Having years of experience on the field Siel Ltd. has acquired considerable experience in the design, construction and revamping of the main types of machines, managing the phases of collection of specifications, coordination of the design and start-up of all parts: electronic, electromechanical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic ones. For the assembly of the mechanical or hydraulic components of the projects Siel works with qualified partners with good specialization in the field, thus ensuring a high standard combined with great flexibility and assuring a great price, thanks to the reduced structural costs.

Here below we list some application references:

  • Additive metering system
  • Coil tippers
  • Interventions of retrofitting on existing machinery
  • Coil winder
  • Designing of special machinery
  • Control for kneading machines for bakery and confectionary
  • Targeted restyling of machines
  • Designing of special plants