This achievement has a historical value as Siel has given a lot in this field since the beginning of its activity.

The accompanying pictures show the data collection system made for the Lanerossi plants. Briefly, a control unit was interfaced to each loom, unit capable of converting the information related to the state of the machine into an infrared signal and sending it to a concentrator, that is a device which can read the sent signals and transmit them to the serial port of a personal computer assigned for data storage.

The system can communicate with 250 looms and it has been in use since the early 80s. Over the years, the system has been upgraded several times resulting in the current transmission system, in which the optical transmission has been replaced with cable (because of the insertion of mobile suction systems in the space earlier reserved for the infrared devices) on which we have implemented our own communication protocol.

Currently the communication system is implemented in all the establishments of the Marzotto Group in Italy and in Europe and interface devices are available for the main types of existing looms.

The data management and processing software has been made on Unix platform by our customer following the specifications provided by our engineers; in the latest version the software runs on a Linux server.





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