Siel is specialized in the design and construction of home automation control plants for harsh environments, where the use of standard equipment has a limited lifespan: industrial buildings, pools, galvanising plants. All the equipment provided by us undergoes burning and tropicalization in order to obtain long-lasting high reliability.

The electrical systems are controlled in every room or group of rooms by highly reliable PLC unit by means of decentralized modules connected to the network. This system allows the use of the installations even in case of malfunction of the central control system. The connection to a web server allows its control (if enabled) from any PC of the network or from a portable terminal on GSM data network.

Supervision enables many other functions in addition to their remote control: switching off of all light sources at a certain time, different time ranges of the temperature in the premises, the accurate control of ventilation, heating or cooling etc.






There are interesting applications for the automation of skylights or roof extraction fans operated electrically in order to refresh the premises during the summer nights. After checking the weather conditions (wind or rain) and the external and internal temperatures, these open and close automatically. This causes a considerable energy saving for air cooling by lowering the internal temperature of several degrees.

The automation functions are always expandable and customizable.
The supervision system controls industrial installations, installations for the production of thermal energy, ventilation and cooling systems, solar collectors, cogeneration systems, photovoltaic systems, pumps and water distribution systems.
By integrating a web server that allows checking and control of the system from any computer connected to the internal data network, the control software provides measurements, alarms, state of installation, commands and settings that are accessible to users in hold of a personal passwords.

All these features are implemented in order to obtain a reduction of the operating costs due to a more accurate management of the resources, a continuous evaluation of the need for energy supply and the reduction of all unnecessary energy demands.
Interconnections with fire, burglar, flood alarm systems (and not only) are also possible in order to increase safety in buildings.