Many companies often give up producing any machinery or equipment that they consider too demanding for their type of structure.
Thanks to the long-term collaboration with specialized companies in various industrial fields, Siel srl is able to give solutions to any type of problem in a short time, by providing the design and the control electronics.
Moreover, on request we provide all the material (under very competitive conditions) as well as the staff for the assembly (mechanical, pneumatic, electrical or thermo-hydraulic).

Siel is used to designing all critical components, particularly the components for acquisition, display and transmission of data of systems required by customers, producing them in small series. Among the instruments that we generally produce we can mention flow-meters for measuring flow rate or consumption, supervision of load cells, tilt or pressure sensors, ultrasonic instrumentation for distance, flow, speed measurement, and data logger systems. All equipment can be supplied with or without display, with access to p.c., p.l.c. or microcontroller, via cable, infrared or radio frequency command.