For over 20 years Siel Electronic Systems has been operating in the field of electronic design, of automation of industrial systems and of the integration of mechanics and electronics. In particular, we have reached a level of excellence in the construction and technological upgrading of special machines and plants, acquiring specific knowledge that we want to make available to companies interested in developing the competitiveness of their production departments.

As for our references we can mention installations for the impregnation of tape wires and fabrics, laser cutting or marking, lines the production electrical cables (PVC or silicone), equipment for unwinding and the application of die cut adhesives by means of robot manipulators, lines for plastic film lamination, installations for rubber or resin coating on leather or fabrics.

We do not intend to go into more details, our only concern is to make sure that if in the next few years you are planning to upgrade or integrate your production systems, you can take into account our company, too.



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