The control panel for a coil winder for tapes was required for this implementation.
The machine collects the brass tape at the output of a galvanic treatment and it winds it into rolls, the variables are the arrival speed of the tape, its width and the amount already wound into the roll.
The tape width is supplied to the program via terminal so that the microprocessor controller can control the motor of the helical screw mechanism that allows the axial movement of the roll during winding.

The tape tension level is defined via two linear potentiometers and consequently the traction and winding speed of the motors is adjusted.
Plant components:
- 3 asynchronous motors with adjustable speed by means of vector inverters
- 2 linear potentiometers for detecting tape tension
- 2 electronic cards able to control motor speeds at the signal of the potentiometers
- 1 microprocessor controller for the axial movement of the roll
- 1 PLC for the plant management