Siel Ltd. has acquired considerable experience in the field of construction machines, in particular for the plaster industry. As part of our technological experience we can mention the control panels for plastering and mixing machines for premixed semi-moist and powder products (plaster, adhesives, flooring) with a single common denominator, innovation.

Here is a list of some features that can be implemented into our panels:

  • Supply: by 230V single-phase and 400V three-phase motors
  • Fault diagnosis: by providing information on the state of the machine and on any faults
  • Control: with display of flow rates, working times, pressures
  • Operational safety: by pressure monitoring sensors, detecting faults on the motor phases, water flow control, automatic water discharge cycle (for frost prevention)
  • Anti-theft security: due to our system that provides each machine with an electronic key

Panels for plastering machines

Panels for pressure conveyor systems

Panels for dropping conveyor systems

Panels for continuous kneading machines

Black box for machine control

High immunity remote controls

Electromagnetic flow meters for moist mixtures and waste water

Turbine flow meters for the measurement of clean water and oil flow