The 'Black box' is a microprocessor device suitable for commanding both conveying systems for pneumatic transport of dry premixed products and continuous mixing pumps for the spraying of building materials and in particular premixed plasters. The software, tailored to customer's request, can be adapted and calibrated for all machines on the market.


It has many features that can be activated for the various versions of devices and in addition it has an effective security system that allows the use only if in possession of an electronic key with RFID chip and a remote control for starting and stopping the work cycle via wire or radio frequency remote control.

An effective GSM anti-theft including a GPS satellite locator is also available, this allows you to locate the machine accurately and block it wherever it is in the world.

Black Box 




The 'Black box' for pneumatic transport of premixed products manages:

  • the motor for the air compressor
  • the material probe
  • three pressure sensors (tank air, silo air, pushed air)
  • the working hours counter
  • the security system by means of an electronic key

Supported features are:

  • automatic search for motor rotation direction
  • thermal protection of the compressor and of the probe, with motor block in the event of fault
  • automatic calculation of flow delivery time
  • fault diagnosis and fault reporting by means of light indication

The 'Black box' for continuous mixing pumps for premixed plasters manages:

  • 4 three-phase motors
  • the mixing chamber
  • the cell wheel
  • the air compressor
  • the pump and the water solenoid valve
  • the air pressure sensor
  • the working hours counter
  • faults on the motor phases
  • the security system with electronic key

Supported features:

  • thermal protection with automatic blocking of motors in case of fault
  • fault diagnosis with LED signalling
  • automatic water drainage control at the end of work

Il ‘Black box’ per pompe impastatrici continue per intonaci premiscelati gestisce:

 -         4 motori trifase 

-         la camera di miscelazione

-         la ruota a celle

-         il compressore aria

-         la pompa e l’ elettrovalvola acqua

-         il sensore di pressione dell'aria

-         il conta ore del tempo di lavoro

-         le anomalie sulle fasi dei motori

-         il sistema di sicurezza con chiave elettronica


Funzionalità supportate sono:

 -         protezioni termiche con blocco automatico dei motori in caso di anomalia

-         autodiagnosi dei guasti con segnalazione a LED

-            gestione scarico dell'acqua automatico a fine lavoro